A glimpse behind the stitches

We are so happy to hear the stories behind your stitches! So we wanted to share Sharon Cuppetelli's words about “Sweet Land” with you: "I’m working on your lovely piece for my family in Michigan. We will hang it surrounded by pics of our loved ones who served our country. I love the simplicity of this design. It speaks volumes. Bless you.

More time to sitch!

There are days when the demands of life and necessary details of running a small business get in the way of stitching! Oh for some spare time to sit down with needle and thread! We're sure it will come, but meanwhile, we're tying up the ends of market orders so we can get much-anticipated products out to shops and on to stitchers. Hope you're enjoying some creative time with needle and thread!

Yellow pom poms: It's got to be Easter-time!

The original pom pom had to be an Acacia blossom!

Glimpses from the 2015 Nashville Needlework Market

Whan an AMAZING time we had in Nashville last weekend!

A couple of fun & useful kits

We're madly packaging these fun and practical kits to make their debut at the Nashville Needlework Market the end of the month.

Introducing four sampler reproductions

Perhaps you've watched our periodic posts as these projects took shape!

Bringing you a small wooden treasure box!

Last summer while traveling in New Hampshire, we stumbled upon a quaint antique hinged box. Clearly home-made and functional, it contained a small old perforated paper scene (box in foreground above).

New year, new projects

Every new project generates excitement at NeedleWorkPress, much the same way great enthusiasm greets the new year.

Garlands of Joy

In recent travels, everywhere we turned, garlands adorned windows, doorways, mantles and bookshelves. Most sparkled with lights or glitter or glass ornaments. Some were carefully woven fragrant, fresh greens. All beckoned the viewer to take a closer look, to savor the sights of the season. There had to be a way to capture them on linen before Christmas arrived.

Decking the halls...tables, doors & trees, too!

Sometimes too many good and wonderful things are happening (not to mention the fact that they're complicated by the challenging moments). But, for now, the peace and plenty of a wonderful Thanksgiving with family is giving way to making our hearts and homes ready for Christmas. Decorating has always been a big part of the process, and this year we're thrilled to add a fun little stitched piece to the mix.


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