A little something patriotic

With Memorial Day just behind us, Flag Day this coming week and the Fourth of July less than a month away, we wanted to share Maegan's reproduction of a little Victorian patriotic piece. Actually, while the chart is an authentic reproduction, the original was stitched on perforated paper and Maegan opted for linen.

Where have all the good craftsmen (and women) gone?

Those of us with a passion for needlework understand the pleasures of precision work. We marvel when we learn (and successfully execute) a new stitch. We smile when we see a friend's completed project. We gaze in awe at pieces of needlework from a century or two or three ago. How ever did a young girl accomplish such amazingly fine work in dimly lit conditions and without magnification?

To Mother

The end of a wonderful Mother's Day brings a few quiet moments to reflect, remember and be grateful. Alas, end-of-the-day also means the post is a bit tardy, but, sincere nonetheless. What I've been intending to share the best part of the week is a little poem called "To Mother." It goes like this: There's a sampler that is woven by a hand that is divine. And it spells the name of MOTHER in true colors, deep and fine.

Something brown

Some scrumptious brown linen and a few old sewing trinkets are begging to come together in a set of smalls that blend unexpected pinks and blues and greens on a rich brown background. Problem is that our spring days have been so spectacular (and so chocked full of activity) that finding time to sit and stitch has been difficult at best. Then again, our pastime is portable, which brings pleasure in itself.

Do you do needlework?

A clerk at the post office posed this question to me a few weeks ago when I was sending off orders to Needle in a Haystack, Traditional Stitches and Norden Crafts. First of all, his astute observation was pretty impressive. He wasn't just processing the packages; rather he was taking the time to actually look where they were going--creative endeavors in California, Illinois and Canada.

Springtime splendor

Well, with the beauty outside this time of year, it's pretty tough to get design and stitching done! This bee is one of many who have recently visited Maegan and Patrick's budding orchard on Chandler Heights Road. Unfortunatley they aren't bee-skep-trained. They've set up hives in an old log and the siding on Patrick's Man Cave.

Easter greetings!

As we're enjoying sunshine and spring flowers in Arizona, my siser in Monana is shoveling snow and building a snowman! Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy family & friends.

She's a beauty!

Soon as I wrote that title, I realized the attached photo has two beauties. I was, however, referring to "Mary" in the sampler and not Maegan, the reproductionist. Had to snap this quick photo of Maegan selecting colors for an upcoming reproduction featuring a fantastically happy little girl accompanied by an unintentionally silly verse from a song written in the 1700's.