Patterns & Posies

Nothing more perfect than an early-fall weekend in Arizona's White Mountains! While "perfect" to one member of our family is trout fishing the streams, "perfect" to another is poking around the area's retail establishments, seeking out cast-offs and treasures that can be repurposed and reused. The Christmas elves pictured here presented a pleasing pattern in their display basket (going to go back today to get the green one for Meagan).

In progress

Oh my! As the saying many precious projects, so precious little time! (Actually, it's a verse from one of our greeting cards featuring two needlewomen from bygone days. If you haven't seen it, see if it's available at your favorite needlework shop.) Back to the topic at hand. The BIG DEER! This is one of several projects currently on our drawing board.

A simply spectacular sampler weekend!

Begin at the beginning, they say. So, that's where we'll start--with the laughter and fun of teachers Maegan and Nancy, at the opening session of this weekend's Summer Sampler Soiree offered by Attic Needlework. Then there was our decision to recreate a Victorian chili pepper pinkeep to commemorate this event in the desert sun.

Time for something NEW

New" seems to be a theme in our lives these days. New grandson, precious Van Jennett, born to Ashley and Willy July 23rd. Then there's the new blue-eyed black kitten that showed up in our back yard this week. And the "new" old sampler we need to reproduce (complete with sheep, a dog, a donkey and a verse on fraternal love). New flowers captured in my sister's garden.

Musings about independence

Oh, the history of patriotic needlework! We have stars and stripes and patriotic banners and sayings and images! How blessed we are to have the freedom to pursue our individual passions! Here are some recent photos from Vickie's life that speak to the freedoms we often take for granted.

Mixing old and new

The end of one of our hottest June's on record brings the perfect opportunity for some cleaning, reorganizing and reminiscing. (A girl can only spend so many hours on a raft in the pool, right?) This weekend, I stubmled upon a reproduction sampler charted by one of the best in the business, Dawn Bradford of Sheepish Designs.

Form, function & flowers

This past weekend we made our annual trek to Montana to visit Vickie's sister in Big Timber. Having visited there for nearly two decades, this is the first time we stopped in at the Crazy Mountain Museum--right in her backyard. Well, at least figuratively! Backyards are miles apart in most of Sweet Grass County.

A little something patriotic

With Memorial Day just behind us, Flag Day this coming week and the Fourth of July less than a month away, we wanted to share Maegan's reproduction of a little Victorian patriotic piece. Actually, while the chart is an authentic reproduction, the original was stitched on perforated paper and Maegan opted for linen.

Where have all the good craftsmen (and women) gone?

Those of us with a passion for needlework understand the pleasures of precision work. We marvel when we learn (and successfully execute) a new stitch. We smile when we see a friend's completed project. We gaze in awe at pieces of needlework from a century or two or three ago. How ever did a young girl accomplish such amazingly fine work in dimly lit conditions and without magnification?

To Mother

The end of a wonderful Mother's Day brings a few quiet moments to reflect, remember and be grateful. Alas, end-of-the-day also means the post is a bit tardy, but, sincere nonetheless. What I've been intending to share the best part of the week is a little poem called "To Mother." It goes like this: There's a sampler that is woven by a hand that is divine. And it spells the name of MOTHER in true colors, deep and fine.