On Time

The intricate details of this vintage post card welcome the New Year with all sorts of symbolism--a horseshoe made of four-leaf clover, the forget-me-nots, mistletoe, and the clock itself. Postmarked 8 a.m. Dec. 29, 1912, the message is from L.B. to Clara and apologizes for not visiting the day prior. "Will tell you the reason later," she says. Wonder what it was? Perhaps she just didn't have enough time.

In the nick of time

With only an hour left until Christmas 2013 is history, we wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours the blessings of the season. As always, we gathered 'round the tree (decorated with our favorite stitched ornaments) and the table (filled with our favorite dishes) to create merriment and memories. We talked a lot, ate too much, did the dishes and readied ourselves to finish out this year while looking ahead to the promises of a new year.

Needles poised...

If you can't find us for a few days, we may be switching web hosts...sorry for any lapse, but we've experienced some security concerns and may have to drop our needles and threads to pay attention to some technological concerns.

Goodness, gobble, grateful, goof

Gee, so all of the messages we want to deliver to you today begin with the word “G.”  First, goodness, gracious! Where did the year go? It’s nearly the end of November, which means 2013 is almost history. Which brings us to Thanksgiving and our little tribute: a stylized turkey paired with the word “Gobble” in a font from an old sampler. We are happy to get the design completed before Thanksgiving.

Exciting news!

We couldn't wait to share some exciting news with you! We just returned from a quick trip to Harrisonville, MO, just outside of Kansas City, where we got to enjoy a beautiful fall day while projects for our next book were photographed in a one-room schoolhouse. We know this "sneak peek" doesn't reveal too much...but we wanted to provide a glimpse at a few of the 12 projects that are inspired by an antique handkerchief from Betty Ring's collection.

Hinges of Friendship

This has been an all-around friendship kind-of-year, topped off with recent high school class reunions for both Maegan & Patrick (10 years) and Vickie & Niles (40 years). Time flies. Literally.

Sonoran Borders: Threads of Friendship reviewed in The Country Register

I recall the tongue-in-cheek title of an Erma Bombeck book Family: The Ties that Bind and Gag. And, certainly we all have those relationships; but we also have relationships we treasure. It's one of those casual but meaningful relationships that led to a delightful book review in The Country Register, a staple newspaper for those of us who love everything country.

Welcome Fall!

Fall really arrived in the desert today! That doesn't mean it's here to stay, mind you, but for today, the breeze is cool and change is in the air. While I should have been stitching or charting or (ug!) cleaning, I was busy rearranging the house and pulling out felt pumpkins and pewter goblets and real bees' wax candles, and, well, just having some fun.

Moon & Spider, Apple Cider

Here's some silly, seasonal sampler stitching! Taking a break from serious samplers, we combined lettering from an antique sampler with some seasonal motifs to create a quick-to-stitch fun piece that's just plain fun. Setting up at market and had to snap a photo in the early morning hours. Hard to capture the moon with a flash in a dark room, but hopefully you get the idea. Boo to you!

It's ready: The Book of Days for 2014!

We had to take a few minutes away from packing chores as we get ready to head out for the TNNA Fall Market in St. Charles to give you a sneak peek at A Needlework Enthusiast’s Book of Days for 2014. After taking a vacation in 2013, the calendar’s back with all of your favorite features: vintage art, wise words and two antique charts, all in the convenient month-at-a-glance format.