New year, new class, new enthusiasm!

Preparation is a big part of our activities this time of year...preparing for myriad winter holidays, preparing for football game (it's a BIG deal for both of our husbands), preparing traditional meals (oh that egg- and butter-laden homemade stuffing)...and, now we're honored to be preparing for The Attic's Mid-January Sampler Symposium right here in sunny Arizona!

Start to finish

Garlands--draped from mantles or gracing an entry way--are the inspiration for our Christmas project this year. When we started stitching, we had no idea where this design would take us.

As Christmas approaches...

In our little corner of the world, as we busy ourselves cleaning up the remnants of a bountiful Thanksgiving (truly wonderful with family gathered and more food than we needed), we're also unwrappin the trimmings to decorate our homes for the Christmas season. Cross stitch treasures definitely add to the comfort and joy that Christmas brings.

It's the little things!

Sometimes in the grand scheme of life, we pause and realize that the little things truly are what matter! Taking those few stitches before falling asleep after a long day. A cup of hot tea in the morning. A smile. A hug. A kind word.

Labors of Love on Labor Day

Goodness! The "labors of love" in our lives seem to have gotten in the way of regular postings! No need to worry, though, just extra busy with family, home, travel, jobs and the like! Trying to find time to complete more projects and thought you might like to see one of the reproduction samplers that is keeping our needles busy this month.

A glimpse behind the stitches

We are so happy to hear the stories behind your stitches! So we wanted to share Sharon Cuppetelli's words about “Sweet Land” with you: "I’m working on your lovely piece for my family in Michigan. We will hang it surrounded by pics of our loved ones who served our country. I love the simplicity of this design. It speaks volumes. Bless you.

More time to sitch!

There are days when the demands of life and necessary details of running a small business get in the way of stitching! Oh for some spare time to sit down with needle and thread! We're sure it will come, but meanwhile, we're tying up the ends of market orders so we can get much-anticipated products out to shops and on to stitchers. Hope you're enjoying some creative time with needle and thread!