About our banner...

NeedleWorkPress cardsThanks for your patience as we attempt to devise a banner that tells you at-a-glance what NeedleWorkPress is all about. We're taking bits and pieces from projects we've completed (and a few yet-to-complete) and arranged them beneath our name to create an identity.

Thanks, grandma!

How does my garden grow?Well, it seems fitting that my first post at NeedleWorkPress goes back to childhood memories of learning to stitch! Yesterday I had the opportunity to remind my Grandma Shirley that she was my first and only teacher in the art of cross stitch.

Exciting sampler with ties to Arizona history!

Alsap samplerMelding samplers with printed records often yields intriguing bits and pieces of of the past. An astute antiques dealer brought our attention to a delightful sampler created in 1827, most likely by John T. Alsap's mother, Kezia Alsap. Uncovering details of this family's life is among our current projects, with a goal of releasing this delightful piece in February 2012 to commemorate Arizona's Centennial.

New Needlework Notebooks!

Our newest Needlework Notebooks are ready for market and we just had to share two of the designs based on Maegan’s “Funky A & E.” Her skillful adaptation of an 1882 Berlin woolwork sampler features two different color palettes—one that’s even more vibrant than the antique and the other featuring more traditional hues. We appreciate your enthusiasm for the small spiral notebooks, and are again offering them with either lined or grid paper. Remind your favorite shop owner to stop by Room 227 at TNNA Nashville early for the best selection.