Country life

Country LifeWondering if the “Country Life” really, truly is for me?!? The past few days “in the country” (where we have lived for 22 years) certainly challenged the bucolic serenity depicted in this wonderful Scarlet Letter sampler. 

Why we do what we do...

Project in processMore than a mere activity, needlework is a pleasant (and occasionally challenging) pastime that affords us an opportunity to retreat from life's demands and complexities while doing something constructive with beautiful fibers and patterns.

True story

Brethren BlueBrussels sprouts season comes early in Arizona. One evening as my husband Patrick was nurturing his tender plants, he came in the house announcing that he had found sticks and string to support the growing stalks. Proud of his thriftiness, I was somewhat taken aback when he showed me his handiwork: The "string" he had found was my missing "Brethren Blue" Sampler Threads (part of The Gentle Art's wonderful Simply Shaker Collection).

About our banner...

NeedleWorkPress cardsThanks for your patience as we attempt to devise a banner that tells you at-a-glance what NeedleWorkPress is all about. We're taking bits and pieces from projects we've completed (and a few yet-to-complete) and arranged them beneath our name to create an identity.