Easter greetings!

As we're enjoying sunshine and spring flowers in Arizona, my siser in Monana is shoveling snow and building a snowman! Whatever you are doing this weekend, enjoy family & friends.

She's a beauty!

Soon as I wrote that title, I realized the attached photo has two beauties. I was, however, referring to "Mary" in the sampler and not Maegan, the reproductionist. Had to snap this quick photo of Maegan selecting colors for an upcoming reproduction featuring a fantastically happy little girl accompanied by an unintentionally silly verse from a song written in the 1700's.

Market marvels...

Yup! Those suitcases (all 10 of them, plus carry-ons) are filled with new charts and merchandise for the TNNA Nashville Market! We'll be posting images of new items throughout the week, but be sure to check your favorite needlework shop for all of the exciting new designs from the creative folks we're enjoying here in TN. Also in the photo are Maegan and Patrick after an amazing first day at market.

Couldn't wait to share!

Take a look at our "freebie" Nashville chart finished as a pincusions using fun lace trim from Olde Colonial Designs. We'll also have a framed model for your favorite shop owner to see, so be sure to ask her or him to shop by Room #227 at TNNA Nashville to pick up a copy of the chart. The motifs in this sampler are modified from an rather tattered nineteenth century sampler stitched on unevenweave canvas.

A girl's gotta' eat, right?

Ok, so getting ready to head to needlework market with our wares is fun, right? Yup, it is! But, it's also a rather daunting task, especially when we're novices at it. What goes where, when, how many, how much? These are just a few of the questions that swim through our murky minds at, oh, 2:30 or 3am every morning. Not to mention the trips up stairs and down (and down the lane) to check and recheck colors and numbers and spelling, oh my!

Lovest thou me

Perhaps not too festive, but definitely poignant, this 1855 sampler called to me several years ago from the back shelf in a downtown Pasadena, CA, antiques store. I envisioned the maker creating it perhaps to commemorate a marriage or anniversary, its simple sentiment so charming. So, I set out to reproduce it to be enjoyed by both stitcher and recipient today.

New Needlework Notebooks!

Our newest Needlework Notebooks are ready for market and we just had to share two of the designs based on Maegan’s “Funky A & E.” Her skillful adaptation of an 1882 Berlin woolwork sampler features two different color palettes—one that’s even more vibrant than the antique and the other featuring more traditional hues.

To market, to market ...


MaeganSelected as one of four new counted thread designers to exhibit at the TNNA winter trade show in Phoenix, Maegan thoroughly enjoyed the first day introducing her wares to the needlework world. This is one of those cases where the pictures tell a better story than the words, so we hope you’ll take a look and ask your favorite shop to give NeedleWorkPress a call to learn more about “funky a & e,” “Posies from the Cottage” and “Roses in July.” Adding her talent to NeedlWorkPress is a true joy!

Happy 2012!

BirdsThe yellow bird chart is a little vintage premium that was included in, of all places, cigarette packages many years ago.