On Time

The intricate details of this vintage post card welcome the New Year with all sorts of symbolism--a horseshoe made of four-leaf clover, the forget-me-nots, mistletoe, and the clock itself. Postmarked 8 a.m. Dec. 29, 1912, the message is from L.B. to Clara and apologizes for not visiting the day prior. "Will tell you the reason later," she says. Wonder what it was? Perhaps she just didn't have enough time. Time sure does fly, as we are reminded by the verse "On Time" from our Ann Wheatley 1829 reproduction sampler: "Mark well my shade and seriously attend, the silent lesson of a common friend. Since time and life speed hastily away, and no one can recall the former day. Improve each fleeting hour before 'tis past, for know each fleeting hour may be thy last."