Goodness, gobble, grateful, goof

Gee, so all of the messages we want to deliver to you today begin with the word “G.”  First, goodness, gracious! Where did the year go? It’s nearly the end of November, which means 2013 is almost history. Which brings us to Thanksgiving and our little tribute: a stylized turkey paired with the word “Gobble” in a font from an old sampler. We are happy to get the design completed before Thanksgiving. It’s off to distributors, so let your favorite shop know if you would like a copy to add to your stitching stash so the big bird can be ready for Thanksgiving 2014. We had hoped to have the chart out sooner, but got side-tracked helping a family member recover from major surgery. Which brings us to the next “G,” grateful. We’re so grateful for family and friends, and cherish every moment with those we love. We’re also grateful for the enthusiastic needleworkers who make NeedleWorkPress possible. And, finally, if you visited our website a few days ago, we apologize for the “down time.” Not sure what happened, but the talented Diana Pounds got it corrected in short order, and we’re back online.