Welcome Fall!

Fall really arrived in the desert today! That doesn't mean it's here to stay, mind you, but for today, the breeze is cool and change is in the air. While I should have been stitching or charting or (ug!) cleaning, I was busy rearranging the house and pulling out felt pumpkins and pewter goblets and real bees' wax candles, and, well, just having some fun. Of course husband Niles was occupied with football and thought I had a nervous tick as I kept tilting my head and looking in the direction of the new arrangement (which he likely would not have noticed had it not been for aforementioned "tick"). Fortunately he laughed when I read this to him. His comments generally go in the direction of, "Well, Vic, I might not notice, but I know it always looks nice." That said, he pretty much tolerates my hoarding old things and linen and delightful sampler charts, but draws the line at my quirk of piling papers at various "work stations" throughout the house (evidence between top of candle and wall sconce). Wherever fall finds you, hope it is with needle and thread in hand, along with a cup of your favorite warm beverage. The cleaning and those piles can wait!