It's ready: The Book of Days for 2014!

We had to take a few minutes away from packing chores as we get ready to head out for the TNNA Fall Market in St. Charles to give you a sneak peek at A Needlework Enthusiast’s Book of Days for 2014. After taking a vacation in 2013, the calendar’s back with all of your favorite features: vintage art, wise words and two antique charts, all in the convenient month-at-a-glance format. No matter how many electronic devices we carry or use (between Maegan and Vickie, that’s several computers, two iPads and two iPhones), nothing has taken the place of our paper calendar. Thank you to everyone who tracked us down or inquired about the calendar at your favorite needlework shop last year. We didn’t realize so many of you depended on the Book of Days the same way we do. Thanks for your patience and we hope you’ll enjoy the very special cover we created for 2014, thanks to the skilled needlework of a girl known only as “Encarnacion.” The girl on this year’s cover is from Encarnacion’s beautiful silk sampler. We’ve enlarged her significantly from her diminutive 2 ½ inch stature on the antique. Watch for a reproduction of this amazing sampler sometime in the coming year. Meanwhile, we hope the calendar and her cover-girl—bird in one hand, flower in the other—accompany you throughout 2014.