Changing the sheets

The simple act of changing the sheets just starts out the day in the right way. Not sure what it is…maybe the cheerful designs printed on the fabric. (Today’s choice is flowers, but the polka dots almost won out.) Or, the fabric itself: Tightly woven cotton, so smooth when neatly stretched over mattress corners. Perhaps even the anticipation of hopping into bed, a mystery novel* in hand, at the end of a long day. Or is it childhood memories of clean sheets in the days when someone else did the honors of changing bed linens? Whatever the allure, it all goes out the window when it comes to washing and folding last week’s sheets. As you can see, our (or should I say “my” because Niles probably doesn’t even know where the linen closet is and we’ve lived in this house for 24 years) linen closet would not win any awards. But it’s a comfortable array of patterns and favorite flannels now tucked away until next winter.

*Have you read any of Lea Wait’s Antique Print Mysteries? If you love antiques, you’ll enjoy the adventures of her protagonist, an antique prints dealer.