In progress

Oh my! As the saying many precious projects, so precious little time! (Actually, it's a verse from one of our greeting cards featuring two needlewomen from bygone days. If you haven't seen it, see if it's available at your favorite needlework shop.) Back to the topic at hand. The BIG DEER! This is one of several projects currently on our drawing board. God willing, it will be ready for a December debut, just in time for Christmas and winter stitching. This is just the bottom of a naive piece featuring the verse "Remember now thy creator in the day of thy youth." Ellen Harrison chose a lively set of motifs, including a spotted stag that dwarfs her charming little house. Ironically for the red-eyed deer, as we were preparing the image for the web, a red-eye-reduction option popped up. Antique one, technology zero: In this case, the critter's red eye was intentional. Stay tuned for more projects from our drawing board.