Musings about independence

Oh, the history of patriotic needlework! We have stars and stripes and patriotic banners and sayings and images! How blessed we are to have the freedom to pursue our individual passions! Here are some recent photos from Vickie's life that speak to the freedoms we often take for granted. The first is a stroll down the street in Livingston, MT, near my sister's home town of Big Timber (with the freedom to live anywhere in the world, that's her choice). Then some beautiful beading from a very vintage blouse (unfortunately, it does NOT fit). Star jasmine outside our back door last night (wish there were a way to include its scent in this post). A towel from my sis who had the pleasure of taking her students to the Sewall House & Belmont Museum (hard to believe the makers of many of our beloved antique samplers had neither the right nor the privilege of casting their votes; view "Iron Jawed Angels" if you have a chance). And, then there's our grandson, Hooper, appropriately attired in his red, white and blue striped t-shirt with hope for the future in his eyes (and a brother due to join him any day). Our freedom is a treasured blessing.