Mixing old and new

The end of one of our hottest June's on record brings the perfect opportunity for some cleaning, reorganizing and reminiscing. (A girl can only spend so many hours on a raft in the pool, right?) This weekend, I stubmled upon a reproduction sampler charted by one of the best in the business, Dawn Bradford of Sheepish Designs. (Although Sheepish Designs' charts have not been available in needlework shops for several years, every now and again they show up in used book stores or collectible shops.) While my humble recreation of this small sampler is far from an heirloom antique, it was one of the first reproductions I tackled, so I decided to display it along with some antiques on a table in the front hall.The vintage hand-made linen bag hanging from the left of the sampler was a Mother's Day gift from my sister. The original Victorian pincushion that inspired our "Polly Wanna" is in the foreground.