Form, function & flowers

This past weekend we made our annual trek to Montana to visit Vickie's sister in Big Timber. Having visited there for nearly two decades, this is the first time we stopped in at the Crazy Mountain Museum--right in her backyard. Well, at least figuratively! Backyards are miles apart in most of Sweet Grass County. Kathie's backyard, actually, is the Yellowstone River, which, much to the chagrin of fly fisherman Niles, was flowing far too fast for a good catch. Oh, but those mountain streams (they are as exciting to him as a fine piece of needlework is to most of us). In any event, this is one of the museum items that caught my eye. Although riding all day in the saddle pictured here may have been somewhat of a pain in the derriere, someone had the foresight to add a beautiful floral tapestry to its seat. Alas, padding would have been provided by the rider because while delightful to the eye, the tapestry definitely wasn't soft.