Where have all the good craftsmen (and women) gone?

Those of us with a passion for needlework understand the pleasures of precision work. We marvel when we learn (and successfully execute) a new stitch. We smile when we see a friend's completed project. We gaze in awe at pieces of needlework from a century or two or three ago. How ever did a young girl accomplish such amazingly fine work in dimly lit conditions and without magnification? Which brings me to the question of the day: Why can't I find a talented tile-setter who can run a grout line between my precious hand-painted Portuguese tiles and our copper countertop? When we added the copper two years ago, my only stipulation was that the installer save all of my tiles. He broke one (and I have a replacement) but I cannot find a local craftsman (or woman) to replace the tile and run a simple grout line. And then there's the marble shower. We need some grout replaced there (not caulking, grout). Oh, and the single 5 x 12 inch windowpane. Not one glass company is willing to send out a tech to replace the pane. "Get a new window," one suggested. Right! An un-matched double hung 6 over 6 window. I don't think so! What's a homeowner to do? Keep searching, I suppose, and harken to bygone days when pride and craftsmanship were the hallmarks of a handyman (or woman). The images are a few of my favorite tiles.