New year, new class, new enthusiasm!

Preparation is a big part of our activities this time of year...preparing for myriad winter holidays, preparing for football game (it's a BIG deal for both of our husbands), preparing traditional meals (oh that egg- and butter-laden homemade stuffing)...and, now we're honored to be preparing for The Attic's Mid-January Sampler Symposium right here in sunny Arizona! As with any other preparation, the process is  both exciting and tedious...we love sharing our passion for antique needlework and we want to make sure everything is just perfect for our students...avoiding snags is the stressful part...mainly because Maegan is the detail girl and Vickie is the procrastinator. In the end, though, we seem to compliment one another and are just delighted to bring to life projects for stitchers to enjoy! For this class, w offer a stitched interpretation of birds painted on a birth fraktur in Vickie's father's collection. If you subscribed to SANQ back in 2004, Vickie wrote about an unusual fraktur that incorporated an alphabet for marking linen. (Image on the computer screen.) We are so looking forward to seeing everyone enrolled in the Symposium. Now, back to work. --Maegan & Vickie