It's the little things!

Sometimes in the grand scheme of life, we pause and realize that the little things truly are what matter! Taking those few stitches before falling asleep after a long day. A cup of hot tea in the morning. A smile. A hug. A kind word. This is the short story of people who took the time to share a few kind words following our classes at the Spooky Stitches Retreat on Cape Cod earlier this month. Of course we appreciate the enthusiasm for our Spooky Amber Vial Project...we had great fun creating labels for you to stitch for your pins or shells or potions. But when severalof you said you were headed to the beach to fill your vials with Chatham sand, well, that was just so special! Then Kim Rothermel took the time not only to let us know how she personaized her vial, but also to send a photo of her Chatham Sand! Thanks, Kim! We couldn't be more thrilled.