Yellow pom poms: It's got to be Easter-time!

The original pom pom had to be an Acacia blossom! We're convinced of it...well, we don't know it for a fact, but the trees lining our pasture this spring definitely resemble the pom poms that so many of us use to trim our needlework! In fact, one over-dyed pom pom color (" Hallow Moon") created by The Dames of the Needle is incredibly close to the rich saffron-like color of the Acacia blossom! How is it that such a thorny desert tree puts forth such amazing brilliance? Trying to find a bit of history on pom poms, we learned that the term applies to both the streamers used by cheerleaders and the decorative tufts of material attached to clothing and other sewing projects. The term itself comes from the French "pompon," which means a decorative ball of fabric or feathers. So we gathered a couple photos from the pasture, our "Hippity Hop" pin pillow and some of those brilliant yellow pom poms to share with you as Easter approaches.