Introducing four sampler reproductions

Perhaps you've watched our periodic posts as these projects took shape! We can hardly wait until the end of the month for the debut of (from left to right) "B: An Unidentified Spot Motif Sampler" (undated), "Clara Koschat" (an 1873 Austrian sampler), "Martha Edes" (a 1745 Boston Band sampler), and in the foreground "A 1799 Mother's Sampler." The process of recreating these lovely pieces of the past is like any other labor of love: It brings great joy and also some challenges. Finding the right linen and fibers. Stealing those extra hours of stitching time. Coodinating production and printing. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to bring pieces of history alive for you and future generations to enjoy. --Maegan & Vickie