Bringing you a small wooden treasure box!

Last summer while traveling in New Hampshire, we stumbled upon a quaint antique hinged box. Clearly home-made and functional, it contained a small old perforated paper scene (box in foreground above). Although its history will forever remain a mystery, a couple characertstics indicate this well-worn box had several purposes throughout its life: In addition to a tin plate covering a hole in the back, paint remnants along the sides point to the possiblity it was at one time mounted on the wall. Well, we thought it would be the perfect place for stitchers to store needles, scissors, thread and other needlework tools. But, how could it be recreated for you to enjoy today? The answer was right in our back yard! Fellow designer and Chandler resident Bunny Smith (Priscilla's Pocket) carefully studied and measured the box, and within a few months delivered a prototype that was just perfect. (Box at left above.) We're recreating the little house scene on linen and Bunny is working on a fishing woman design to fit the opening. Be sure to check out the beautiful project Giulia of GPA Designs created using this reprodution box! Be sure to check your favorite needlework shop or retail source! -- Happy stitching from Vickie & Maegan