Gratitude for our favorite things

We might not always be able to extract too much factual information from antique samplers--it's wonderful when we can--but sometimes the stitched images give us just enough information to imagine what was important to the maker. We recently added a new sampler to our collection stitched by Sarah Butler in 1783. It is a true sampler in every sense of the word (although, much to Vickie's sadness, it does NOT contain an alphabet). Sarah was a pretty adept needleworker, executing her sampler in cross, Algerian eye and free embroidery stitches. If a sampler can be both sophisticated and naive, this one is! Its colors are as warm as the sun that flanks one dividing band. Its motifs are as varied as any we've seen iin one small, finely-stitched piece: squirrels, a rabbit, spotted dogs, a duck, peacock and multitude of other birds, house, out-building, man, woman, deer, horse, cows (yes, three of them), fruit basket, flower pots, star, crowns, plants...well, you get the idea...likely the things that mattered to Sarah back in the late eighteenth century. In many ways, they are the very same things that are important to us in the early twenty-first century. We are grateful for the many blessings in our lives: family, friends, pets and the beauty that surrounds us. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring you items related to historic needlework and truly appreciate your interest and support. With heart-felt gratitude, Vickie & Maegan

PS: Here's a sneak peek at just a few of the motifs!