About our banner...

NeedleWorkPress cardsThanks for your patience as we attempt to devise a banner that tells you at-a-glance what NeedleWorkPress is all about. We're taking bits and pieces from projects we've completed (and a few yet-to-complete) and arranged them beneath our name to create an identity.

If you subscribe to "Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly," you might recoginze the baskets from Ellen's O'Brien's sampler (third image) that appeared on the cover. The cow and beehive are part of a project due out in 2012.

Before that date rolls around, though, you'll see our "Hinges of Friendship" spot motif sampler (second image) and "A Study in Pomegranites" (sixth image). So, stay tuned as new surprises are around the corner.

And, if you haven't check out our sampler with links to historic Arizona, scroll down and let us know if you have good sources that might help uncover clues about the Alsop sampler. Thanks for stopping by!