Things we love

Quite often, our posts are shared news of new projects we are excited to show you. This time, though, it's Vickie writing from her grandmotherly perspective. Sad. That's how I felt as I moved the Shaker sewing case back into place, carefully stacking the old spectacles atop several antique autograph albums. You see, they all live harmoniously on a glass-top table next to the fireplace in our usually serene living room. May sadness had nothing to do with these delightful little pieces of the past, but rather because tidying up meant that our grandsons' extended visit had come to an end. The boys are, after all, toddlers who haven't the slightest interest in needlework. Yet certainly they could have found ample uses for old, rusted steel scissors and a rather peculiar pair of glasses. As soon as the house is cleaned up, I'll have time to stitch and ponder the true treasures in our lives: family and friends and handprints on the table.