A Schoolroom Alphabet: Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

We are so excited to roll out projects featured in our new book, A Schoolroom Alphabet. We'll be doing local book signings this month, and will display all 12 projects as well as related items, including a real, modern-day printed handkerchief and a micro-fiber cloth (to clean eye glasses, phones, computer screens, etc.). We can't tell you how much fun it is to bring you these little pieces of the past, recreated for functional use in the twenty-first century. The book and its projects would not have been possible without the tremendous assistance of talented friends and the patience of our families. In the medical word, the abbreviation "TNTC" stands for "too numerous to count," which is how many kindnesses were showered upon us throughout the process of creating A Schoolroom Alphabet.  And, none of this would happened were it not for a humble handkerchief that survived the centuries, and was collected and preserved by Betty Ring. What fun to have a small part in serving as stewards of handwork history!