2020 Book of Days

It's about time for a website update! Have been posting on Instagram, but will sincerely try to do better about posting here! Really excited about the new Book of Days, featuring a beautiful Quaker ssampler on the cover! They're shipping now. We hope one accompanies you throughout the coming year! 

Ending 2017 with gratitude!

Your support and encouragement are what keeps us going at NeedleWorkPress! Even with our enthusiasm and passion, we know we’re not always on top of the business side of things...creative minds eschew paperwork, updating websites and the like. That said, we’ll try to do better in 2018, bringing you both new designs and efficiency! Cheers!

So grateful for YOU!

Alas, we've sort of neglected needleworkpress.com as we lavish our attention on designing, stitching, Facebook and, more recently, Instagram. Which brings us to the question: Does anyone look at websites like this? We'd love to hear from you...if you have our e-mail, drop us a line or comment @needleworkpress on Instagram (be sure to follow us) or NeedleWorkPress on Facebook. Much appreciated!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Top 'O the Mornin' to you on St. Patrick's Day! While we don't know if little Mary Magee was Irish or Scottish, we like to think the stylized border represents shamrocks. If she does in fact hail from the Emerald Isle, as a native Irish name, Magee is derived from the Gaelic "Mag Aodha," or "son of Hugh." This reproduction was a fun and fast stitch!

Another market preview

Out on a LimbFor some reason, these birds just made us happy. Everything about them is cheerful! So, we borrowed them from an antique fraktur, charted them and stitched them for you to enjoy. We couldn't resist adding the words "Out on a Limb" to the bottom. Of course, stitching the words is optional. We're excited that this chart will be available in early March! --Maegan & Vickie

Inquiring minds...

We've had several requests for a materials list for the Lucy V. Moore sampler that will be available in early March. The attached list shows materials needed with three fiber options. Of course, we love creativity and you may decide on different fibers. Hope this is helpful. The chart does include additional instructions ad well as history related to Lucy's sampler. Thanks for the enthusiastic response!