Exciting sampler with ties to Arizona history!

Alsap samplerMelding samplers with printed records often yields intriguing bits and peces of of the past. An astute antiques dealer brought our attention to a delightful sampler created in 1827, most likely by John T. Alsap's mother, Kezia Alsap. Uncovering details of this family's life is among our current projects, with a goal of releasing this delightful piece in February 2012 to commemorate Arizona's Centennial. The original measures roughly 14 x 14 inches and includes samplers within a sampler, several sets of alphabets and a decorative bottom border featuring a blue house, plants and flower baskets.

Born in 1832 in Frankfort, KY, John T. Alsap held degrees in both medicine and law. He came to Arizona in 1864 where he mined/prospected in the Prescott area. Later he settled in the Salt River Valley and was associated with development of the area just north of Phoenix. He served in a variety of official capacities, including Territorial Treasurer and Secretary, Probate Judge, School Superintendent, member of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, eventually being elected the first Mayor of Phoenix.

Although the maker of the sampler cannot be verified, it contains the names of Kezia Alsap and John Alsap (her husband), as well as those of her parents Joshua and Kezia Randall. It appears to commemorate the death of a daughter, Lorinda Alsap, who was born in January 1814 and died in October (date not legible). The sampler was completed five years before John's birth. We welcome any information about John and Kezia, and their families, especially verification of their daughter's birth. Please e-mail us at needleworkpress@gmail.com.